1. The name of the data manager, common data manager:

Promenade Medical Publishing House (hereinafter referred to as "Service Provider")

2. Address of the data management (data handler):

1037 Budapest, 7 Montevideo Street

3. Availability:

E-mail contact:

4. Name of data management

Data management for users is voluntary, informed, definite contribution at / and in related newsletter mailing lists.

5. The legal basis for data handling

About the right to information self-determination and freedom of information
2011 CXII. Article 5 of the Act and the European Parliament and the Councils (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) law the voluntary contribution of the relevant volunteer.

6. The range of data processed

a) Required information provided by the user during registration: email address, username, password, country, specialty.

b) When using this website, the IP address of the user's computer is recorded as the start and end time of the visit, or in some cases - depending on the user's computer configuration - browser and operating system type. These data will be logged automatically. The Service Provider does not connect to data in the log file with other personal data.

7. The purpose of data management:

a) In the case of user-mandated data, the purpose of the data management is to identify the user's authority (comment on articles and video material on the portal, request a newsletter) to obtain continuous professional information from the Service Provider. The data may be used by the Service Provider for statistical purposes, as well as the advertisements / content of the user's interest in the downloaded pages and in the newsletters posted by the Service Provider. You can prohibit the use of the data for this purpose by clicking the link in the footer of the relevant newsletter by unsubscribing it. In this case, the provider's data management objective is to allow users to access professional information continuously through the channels available through / (professional sub-pages and professional online newsletters).

b) When using this website for data recorded in the log file, data storage is exclusively for technical and statistical purposes. The anonymous visitor identifier as sequence (cookie, cookies) alone cannot the client, that is no way to identify visitors, only for detection of the computer of visitors. The user has the option of setting his browser so that he does not allow the unique identifier to be placed on the user's computer. In this case, a large part of the service can be used by the user in the same way, but in some cases (for example, for customized solutions), some features of the service may not be fully utilized by the user.

c) The data required to participate in the prize games announced on the portal is the same as the information provided during registration. The Service Provider treats candidates for the prize game in a discriminatory way in the database. Personal information is needed to clearly identify the winners. Users who have signed up for the prize game can later be notified by the Service Provider about the prize games advertised on the website. For these newsletters, the user / prize game subscribers sign up for the game and subscribe to the unsubscribe link in the newsletters. In the event of a failure to sign up for newsletters or unsubscribe from the newsletter, the user may, of course, continue to participate in the game, but accepts the subscription without acknowledgment that he or she will not receive the related information in time or in full detail.

The data controller for purposes other than those indicated personal data is not, however, entitled to use them to connect with other databases managed by the Data Manager (specifically but not exclusively, postal address lists, address lists, which include the Promenade Medical Communication Group medical and health professional journals of the recipients). Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties, except for any statutory transfer of data.

8. Duration of data handling:

The data provided by the user during the registration will be handled by the Service Provider until the user is abolished with the unsubscribe provided by the Service Provider. He does not request that his data be deleted (at / you want to delete your user profile or write it in writing on the given contacts indicates) or do not use the right to forget, which is governed by the relevant EU Regulation 2016/679. Based on the user's voluntary decision within 15 working days of receipt of the demand for cancellation of the Service Provider shall delete the data. If the user is unlawful or misleading use of personal data, or an offense, then the terms of use provided by the Service Provider may delete all personal data immediately at the time of cancellation of registration of knowledge at the time of acquisition. When you use this feature, the data that is being recorded in the log file is stored. The date of the last visit will be automatically overwritten at the next user visit.

9. Delete personal data:

The user's personal or special data cancellation request must be sent by e-mail to The Service Provider deletes the data within 10 working days of receiving the cancellation request. In case of cancellation of the displayed data cannot be restored. The Service Provider accepts requests for deletion and other data modification only if it is in written, at the user's e-mail address given at registration, or in person, with the presentation of its documents.

10. Personalized Advertising / Content:

According to the user's interest, which has been given at the time of registration and on the data sheet - if the user has requested the newsletter service, the Service Provider may display personalized advertisement / content in newsletters. According to the interest of the users, the Service Provider provides personalized advertising can be displayed on the pages downloaded during the visit of the site, which are more useful and interesting information. The use of the data for this purpose can be prohibited by the user by unsubscribing the e-mail address given at the time of registration, by sending an e-mail to

11. Name of data processors:

a) Promenade Publishing House Kft.

b) New Promenade Kft.

c) Rosegger Kft.

d) Masterholding Kft.

e) Locksley Hall Media Kft.

f) The Promenade Kft.

12. Address of data processors:

a) Promenade Publishing House Kft.

b) New Promenade Kft.

c) Rosegger Kft.

d) Masterholding Kft.

e) Locksley Hall Media Kft.

f) The Promenade Kft.

13. Name of data processing:

Perform technical tasks related to data management operations. Perform deletion, modification, data request and inactivation requests to

14. Data security measures:

The personal data stored in the territory of Hungary, the Promenade servers owned Publishing Group businesses. When registering on the website, all data (personal and special data) provided by the user are stored by the Service Provider on a secure, sealed server. User-defined passwords are technically encrypted, neither the data controller, neither the data processor nor any third party can access the servers or the colleagues of the Promenade Medical Communication Group's data management team. However, the Promenade Medical Communication Group is not responsible for any damages resulting from unauthorized use of the password / passwords issued by the User. The data provided are only accessible to developers, online editors, who have access to the Service Provider, data processors with unique, limited ("admin") access to data processing and processing, which activity is governed by the Service Provider's Internal Data Management Policy. "Admin" is available through the encrypted (https) channel. The Service Provider checks which employee has entered the database when the employee is involved, and the employees concerned are subject to strict confidentiality.

15. Data transmission:

The Service Provider informs the user and requests the consent of the Service Provider if it transfers its data to a third party. The Service Provider keeps notes of data transmission.

16. Possibility of modifying the data management policy:

The Service Provider reserves the right to unilaterally modify this Privacy Policy without informing users. After you apply to the service after the amendment has entered into force and by clicking on the YES field of the form, you agree to the modified Privacy Policy. If the user does not accept the modified Privacy Statement, the Service Provider will no longer be entitled to handle his / her data, which may include the exclusion of the user from / and the cancellation of his managed data.

17. The rights of users to manage their personal information:

Users can request information about how to manage their personal information. The data controller shall provide the customer with information on the data he or she handles, the purpose, legal basis, duration of the data processing, the data processor's name, address (head office) and data management related to the data concerned and the data for and for what purpose. The request for information must be sent by e-mail to, which will be answered within 10 working days. Users may enjoy the following rights to their data:

a) specifying the identity of data controllers and data processors

b) Requesting the purpose of data management

c) requesting processed data

d) requestingthe duration and deadline of data storage

e) withdrawal of data handling

f) filing a complaint with the supervisory body (Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information)

g) limitation of data handling

h) erasing, modifying, correcting or limiting of the treated data

18. Data management registration ID:


19. Enforcement possibility:

About the user's enforcement rights are based on information on self-determination and freedom of information law (2011. CXII.) and Based on the PTK. (The Hungarian Civil Code) can practise before the court, as well as the Hungarian National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority in the website.

For further questions or comments, contact our staff at the e-mail adress.

20. User Contribution

The user after reviewing this Privacy Policy, you agree to the following consent if you have received a registered e-mail address from the Service Provider's URL and click on the YES button for the relevant question on the registration form.

"The data provided during my registration on / can be handled and processed by the Service Provider (Promenade Medical Communication Group) as described in the Privacy Statement."

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